"There was a time when all things worn on the body had power, meaning, or purpose... It's time again." V.C. 


When you’re on a journey towards deeper levels of wellbeing, or a path towards shifting and healing something specific or challenging, staying focused on what you want can be difficult. Reminding yourself what is possible while constantly faced with the problem can be challenging. Thankfully there are tools to help you navigate.


Using semi precious stones, raw crystals, sterling silver and gold, all pieces are beaded in a sacred, geometrical mathematical pattern found throughout nature called the ‘Fibonacci Sequence, also known as ‘The Divine Code’, ‘The Pattern of Creation’ and ‘God’s Language in Numbers’. I like to think of it as 'natures stem cells'. Exposure to the pattern facilitates the resonance of balance, beauty and harmony when worn, and exponential growth when used to focus the mind in meditation.


iSOLA’S wearable medicine, will support, and remind you of the healing power of nature, it’s patterns, and the multiple vibrations we have access to for own own benefit.  

Wear it, meditate on it, place it under your pillow, or hang it on your wall, either way, this modern / sacred jewelry provides you with a high vibrational tools to help you access your innate healing ability, maintain, or expand your mind, body and soul, and is a quantum tool to help you align your thoughts in the direction you choose when used along with mantra meditations or affirmations.


It is my hope that all who experience iSOLA, feel an increased sense of grounded-wellbeing, inner connectedness, and access to their multidimensional selves. Each piece will feel like a close companion while on the journey of your choosing. 


All materials have been included due to their individual healing properties, infused with the highest intentions, and amplified by the use of the Fibonacci Sequence.


Handmade in Toronto by Veronica Ciandre & Team.