Stones to support the "12- Step" journey to recovery.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to share iSOLA at an ORC event centred around the "12-Step" program for addiction recovery. I was moved by so many wonderful individuals, whose dedication to supporting others was the quintessential meaning of "I am my brothers keeper" & "Lift as we rise". 

There are a number of specific stones identified to support each of the 12 steps in the journey.  Many of those stones were already a part of the iSOLA line, and the rest are available through custom orders.  

The stones listed beside an Asterisk* are the stones that are already used by iSOLA.  If you would like to order one of the other stones, please contact me to arrange a custom order.  More information will be added soon.

For anyone determined to create deep and lasting change, I hope iSOLA Jewellery, for Body, Mind & Soull, will be a reminder, a comfort, and a tool for grounding and focusing the mind, or simply a vibrational support, amongst your stepping stones in the direction towards sustainable serenity. 

Step 1- Acceptance: 


Step 2- Faith: 

Stone -  Peridot

Step 3- Surrender

Stone - Smoky Quartz*

Step 4 - Honesty

Stone - Turquoise*

Step 5 - Courage

Stone - Carnelian

Step 6 - Willingness

Stone - Flourite

Step 7- Humility

Stone - Quartz Crystal*

Step 8 - Forgiveness

Stone - Agate* or Peridot

Step 9 - Freedom

Stone - Rose Quartz* or Sodalite

Step 10 - Perseverance

Stone - Snowflake Obsidian or Pearls*

Step 11 - Patience

Stone - Iolite or Turquoise*

Step 12 - Love

Stone - Labradorite* or Azurite