All pieces are beaded in the Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Sequence

A sacred sequence of numbers that ficilitates the resonance of beauty, balance and harmony.

In mathematics it’s the foundation of Phi, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Mean Spiral.

In nature it is often called God's language in numbers used to create the natural world. Intrinsically linked with the manifestation of beauty, harmony and proportion as witnessed in the branching of trees, the flowering of an artichoke, the uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pinecone.

A series of fractals i.e. a never ending pattern created by repeating a simple process over an over in an ongoing feedback loop..  This property is called “Self Similarity.” 

The Fibonacci Sequence speaks the language of the DNA and reminds it of it's original fractal blueprint.

Underlies internal harmony, excellence and dynamic balance.

According to Bio Geometry, the combination of the Fibonacci Sequence and Shungite  produces a very high level of  harmony and sacred space.

A multi-dimensional doorway.

The Fibonacci Sequence is in everything.


Benefits of wearing the Fibonacci Sequence:

·      Wearing the sequence puts you at the zero point of a spiral unfolding infinitely in the pattern of creation. The most powerful point from which to create. Provides a doorway to your multidimensional potential.

·      Quantifies your mantras, meditations, prayers or affirmations with exponential growth and infinite expansion.

* When your DNA is exposed to the Golden Mean Ratio in any form, (as in nature), it has a resonant effect which eases your mind and body back into alignment.


“When you meditate on natures numbers,

there’s no turning back”

V. Ciandre