We all know that words and thoughts have the power to heal or to harm, but the habit of 'telling it like it is' can sometimes get the best of us, and in doing so we often ground unwanted experiences more deeply into our reality.

The practice of finding those that harm, replacing them and then focusing on those that heal by creating heart focused affirmations, is the beginning of reclaiming our ability to take every area of our lives in the direction of our choosing.

When we combine our new thoughts and words with the use of Mala Beads, we now have a powerful tool, literally at our fingertips, to take those affirmations to the next level and turn them into medicine.

You will learn:

What stories and narratives are creating your reality, and how to shift then in the direction you choose.

* What it means to ‘jump timelines’.

* How to create your own affirmations and use them.

* The power of the Fibonacci Sequence and meditating on the Phi-Ratio

* How to use Phi-Mala Beads to enhance mantra meditations and affirmations.

* The Phi-Mantra to raise your vibration.

*****All participants will make their own Phi-Mala*****

$179.00 per person 

(cost includes Mala making materials, a Moleskine journal, a pen & light snacks)

For more info contact Veronica Ciandre