Join Veronica Ciandre, creator of iSOLA Jewellery, and hear how the repetition of a few chosen words altered the probable timeline of her life; the importance of learning how to focus the mind; and experience the power and quantum effect of meditating on ‘The Divine Code’ using a Fibonacci Mala.

The Divine Code’

There is a code that lies both within and without. This secret yet open code points the way to your purpose, your happiness and your greatness… it goes by the name of The Golden Ratio/Divine Code. 

“The ability to recognize Phi (or pi) in its many forms (also known as the Divine Proportion, Golden Ratio or Fibonacci Ratio) is inborn in all of us, as it is the blueprint for the growth and movement of life and matter. However, we can realize many profound benefits 

through its conscious reactivation.” 

Matthew Cross

Host A Workshop:

If you would like to host a workshop at your studio or for a group of friends at home, contact Veronica for more information and to explore the possibilities.