Veronica Ciandre

Designer, Maker

There was a time when all things worn on the body had power, meaning, or purpose... I believe it's time again.  V. C.

What started out as a response to an environmentally generated limitation, has become my most consistent form of practice, meditation, and an opportunity to hang out in the quantum field.  The result is a line of modern sacred jewellery that is also a series of multidimensional meditation tools to wear, hold, ground, cleanse, focus and heal.  

All pieces are handmade by Veronica Ciandre and co. with love and intention in a meditative environment, using natures materials... semi precious stones and crystals, and natures numbers in the form of the ‘Fibonacci Sequence’, also known as ‘The Divine Code’, ‘The Pattern of Creation’ and ‘God’s Language in Numbers’, which brings increased harmony and balance to the body and mind when worn, and exponential growth in all areas of your life when used to focus the mind in meditation. 

All the materials have been chosen for their healing properties which are amplified by the use of the Fibonacci Sequence.

It is my hope and intention that all who wear iSOLA feel uplifted with an increased sense of grounded-wellbeing and inner connectedness. 

May all Beings be Blessed...

Veronica Ciandre 

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