Founder * Designer * Wearable Medicine Maker * Mother of One

Self taught after a diagnosis of (severe) Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity left her with little options for work or play, Veronica turned what started as a huge limitatioin into an opportunity to evolve her body, mind and soul. The theraputic effect of beading soon turned into a passion and a desire to create items that would support her personal healing journey. 
Veronica believes that everything worn on the body should have power, meaning or purpose, and using nature, numbers, and sacred geometry, she has created a sought after line of wearable medicine infused with all of the above.

"I've always loved the idea of seeding what might be considered mundane with the sacred".

She has become a sought after guide on the path to navigating and / or reversing the effects of exposure to Radiation and other forms of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) using multidimensional tools, and empowers those that seek her guidance to do the same.

"I believe the most important tool we have is the power to change our own mind, and create narratives that shift timelines, and anchor new individual and collective possibilities. May these tools support you on your journey".
V. Ciandre.



Master Hand-Knotter * Assistant Maker * Wisdom Keeper * Mother of two 

Jen has been bringing her calm and healing energy to hand knotting malas for iSOLA since 2018. A mother of two beautiful young daughters, Jen is also a dedicated student and practitioner in the healing arts. After using Yoga, Qi Gong, holistic nutrition, Reiki and many other forms of energy medicine to dramatically transform her own health and wellness after living almost 20 years with chronic fatigue syndrome, Jen became passionate about inspiring and supporting others on their healing journeys. She believes that while the powerful capacity to heal, transform and awaken lies within each of us, there are so many wonderful tools and resources that can help us to more easily access and activate this innate potential. As soon as Jen wore an iSOLA shungite wrist mala for the first time and felt and experienced its energetic benefits, she knew that iSOLA’S ‘wearable medicine’ was one such tool! This inspired her to join the iSOLA team, where for her knotting each mala is a meditation as well as a sacred offering to another soul’s healing and awakening journey.