• Image of Pendulums
  • Image of Pendulums
  • Image of Pendulums
  • Image of Pendulums


925 Sterling silver chain. 10mm Shungite & 16mm Shungite.
or Clear Quartz Crystal.

We all have questions. Deep down we all know the answers. A pendulum is one way to connect with those answers.

A Pendulum is a dowsing tool that allows you to access and connect with Universal Intelligence in a way that you can see and feel, so you can make the highest and best decisions for yourself in all aspects of your life.

Shungite pendulums are particularly sensitive, due to the conductivity of the stone.

Shungite: Purification, Restoration. Growth. Positive change. Super conductor. Grounder. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation. High Vibration

Quartz Crystal is a popular choice as it is associated with clarity and connection to higher purpose.

Quartz Crystal: A Master healer. Amplifier. Clarity. Dispels negative energy. Neutralizes toxicity. Soul cleanser. Concentration.

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