• Image of NEW! Phi-Mala
  • Image of NEW! Phi-Mala

The Phi-Mala is made for meditation.
Light weight, easy to hold and move along with ease.
This is my personal favourite when doing mantras or affirmations.

Lightweight wood (The color will vary)
Sterling Silver
Shungite pendant.

Phi is a mathematical ratio found throughout nature also called the Golden Mean Ratio. That ratio is 1.618... 
The  numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence are at the foundation of the Phi ratio, because when you divide any number in the sequence by the number proceeding it, you will always get approximately 1.618...  
Combined they are like a masculine and feminine representation of nature and the cosmos, where straight lines meet curves and you end up with a Golden Mean Spiral, emerging from a Golden Rectangle, expanding infinitely and exponentially.

Absorbs negative frequencies. Restores balance to the body at a deep physical level. Boosts immunity. Restores emotional equilibrium. Transforms stress into a potent energetic recharge. Transforms water. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation.

The resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty. A resonant and healing effect on DNA. Amplifies the properties of stones in the sequence.

Comes with basic instructions on how to use, and includes a Phi-Mantra to raise your vibration.