• Image of Men's Infinity Lava & Shungite
  • Image of Men's Infinity Lava & Shungite

10mm Wrist Malas & Bracelets beaded in the Fibonacci Sequence. Most popular bracelets for men, but also worn by women.

This bracelet combines the healing and grounding of Shungite Stone, the strength, & stability of Lava, with the resonance of harmony and alignment with purpose due to the use of the Fibonacci sequence.

Shungite: Purification, Restoration. Growth. Positive change. Super conductor. Grounder. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation.

***For extra support, wear shungite on the same hand you use for your cellphone***

Size: 7"

Lava: Grounding. Strength. Connection to Mother Earth. Stability.

Also available in Lava & Black Onyx
Black Onyx ~ Grounding. Inner strength. Endurance.

A sacred sequence of numbers that facilitates the resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty. Has a resonant and healing effect on DNA. Amplifies the properties of stones in the sequence.

***Photo is of two bracelets stacked***

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