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  • Image of 'Moveable Altar'
  • Image of 'Moveable Altar'

The 'Moveable Altar' for the Mindful Traveler... Because taking time to be still, meditate, and go inwards happens in hotels, hostels, Airbnb's, tents, the family spare bedroom, or wherever you find yourself journeying. The 'Moveable Alter' goes where you go so that you can connect when you need to connect.

For years I have traveled with a few of my favourite sacred things, and I suspect you have too.
No matter how long my stay, I always create a small sacred space that makes me feel at home and grounded no matter where I am, as well as creating a kind of portal between the divine and my current location. I light incense or I smudge, I light a candle, and lay out what is sacred to me at the time. Through this simple ritual, I create home.
For this past year I have traveled with my 'Moveable Altar' which includes items from the following list, as well as my powerful favourites, and I'm so excited to finally be sharing it with you.

Packed in a sturdy 9" x 4 1/2" x 2" sturdy box that can fit into luggage, knapsack or purse.

OPTIONAL: Choose one of the three options...
1.TRIPLE WRAP WRIST MALA EBONY, with Tibetan Black Quartz & Shungite Sphere

2.TRIPLE WRAP WRIST MALA GOLD RIMMED WOOD, with Tibetan Black Quartz & Shungite Sphere.

3.PHI MALA, with 14mm Shungite Sphere http://www.iloveisola.com/product/phi-mala

* INSTRUCTIONS for meditating with wrist mala.
* 10 AFFIRMATIONS to raise your vibration.
* LINEN ALTAR CLOTH with Sterling Silver & Shungite Sphere at the four corners.
* INCENSE ` 5 sticks of Divine Rose
* 1 PALO SANTO ~ "Holy Wood" Energetically cleansing and healing properties. Creates a pleasant fresh smoke with uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation. Enhances creativity, good fortune, and a deeper connection to the source of all creation.
* 1 TURKEY FEATHER ~ Symbolizes the wildness of the earth along with abundance, pride and fertility. It reminds us to honour nature and the earth and development of a harmonious relationship with the land and our environment. Opens us to the fullness of life.
* 5 MATCHSTICS ~ wood
* 1 Elite SHUNGITE - Combine with blue topaz to structure and purify water. Brings purification and healing, restoration & growth. Grounding & neutralizes effects of radiation.
* 1 BLUE TOPAZ - Tumbled. Combine with shungite to structure and purify water. Said to bring love and good fortune, attainment of goals, and self confidence. Inspires creativity and cleanses aura.
* 1 SMOKY QUARTZ tumbled or sphere ~ Centering and grounding. Purifying. Helps reach goals. Brings abundance and prosperity. Elevates mood.
* 1 CRYSTAL SPHERE (stone will vary between Lemurian, Clear Quartz, & Smoky Quartz)
* 1 CRYSTAL POINT (stone will vary between Phantoms, Inclusions, Clear Quarz, & Smoky Quartz)
* Room to add your current powerful favourites!
* A place to be still and breathe :-)

Size and combination of crystals will vary slightly.
Weight of combined crystals approximately 130g per box.

The combination you receive will always be the ideal combination for you at this time...

I look forward to seeing what you bring to the Altar.

***Introductory price $250 for limited first run***

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