• Image of Amethyst Zero Point Choker 33
  • Image of Amethyst Zero Point Choker 33

The 33 bead choker length mala carries the vibration of both the Fibonacci Sequence, which facilitates the resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty, and the Master Number (Master Teacher) number 33 which resonates with the energies of compassion, blessings, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery and courage.
Number 33 tells us that ‘all things are possible and symbolizes ‘guidance’. The Master Number 33 is connected to the Ascended Masters who are ready and waiting to guide and assist when asked.

Approx 15" in length.

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The healing properties of Amethyst along with the Shungite, is amplified by the use of the sequence,

A power crystal. Creative thinking & spiritual awareness. Transforms lower energies. Heals all levels of mind body, and spirit. Mental stability & inner strength. Boosts immune system. Peace of mind after loss of loved one. Useful for addiction and sobriety.

Absorbs negative frequencies. Restores balance to the body at a deep physical level. Boosts immunity. Restores emotional equilibrium. Transforms stress into a potent energetic recharge. Transforms water. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation.

The resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty. A resonant and healing effect on DNA. Amplifies the properties of stones in the sequence.

All Malas and Choker 33's are hand knotted.


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