• Image of Navigate for Men
  • Image of Navigate for Men

Men's Infinity Wrist Mala with Shungite, Lava & Black Tourmaline.

***This item is temporarily sold out and may not be available in time for Christmas. Please check back soon, or email me if you wish to pre order.***

Navigating less than ideal environments can be effortless.
There are inner tools and there are outer tools.
The "Navigate" combines three powerful stones and provides an outer tool for the body, and when used for meditation, facilitates the use of the inner tool of the mind.

Purification, Restoration. Growth. Positive change. Super conductor. Grounder. Neutralizes effects of EMF's & Radiation.

Grounding. Strength. Connection to Mother Earth. Stability. Essential Oil Diffuser.

Grounding. Self Confidence. Transforms density. Calming. Absorbs negative frequencies. EMF & Radiation

***For extra support, wear bracelet on the same hand you use for your cellphone***

Fibonacci Sequence: The resonance of harmony, balance, alignment & beauty.

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