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*Are you curious, concerned or unsure about the effects of radiation exposure?

*Do you feel intuitively that you are being affected by exposure at work or home and not sure what to do about it?

*Have you or someone you care about been diagnosed with Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) or you have a list of persistent and debilitating symptoms, and not enough answers?

These are conversation that happen on a regular basis between iSOLA customers and myself. Sometimes it starts after they discover the healing properties of Shungite, a stone from Russia known for it’s ability to neutralize the effects of radiation exposure. But more often it’s with a question related to an ongoing or mysterious health challenge, with the hope that I can offer stones or crystals to alleviate the often long list of symptoms. It usually ends with me sharing the long list of symptoms I once had in common, why I had them, and how I transcended them.

The effects of microwave radiation have been documented since the early 1900's, and include a long list of debilitating symptoms. There is still institutionalized denial that an effect even exists. I meet so many individuals who express a deep seated fear for themselves or their loved ones because of something they’ve heard, but have no idea where to begin. And so they remain afraid. As we all know by now, fear has debilitating effects of it's own.

My intention is threefold:
1, To raise your level of awareness, along with a list of 10 steps you can take right now, to begin to navigate the environment with more choice.

2. To lower your level of fear and share an important process to help you begin to navigate the environment with more confidence.

3. To remind you that you are here, to become your own medicine.
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Veronica is the founder and creator of a line of wearable medicine called iSOLA Jewelry. Self-taught after a debilitating environmental condition and diagnosis left her with few choices for work or play, she managed to turn what started out as a huge limitation into an opportunity to evolve her mind, body, and soul. Veronica counsels others by sharing her journey, and the steps she took towards well-being.

An award-winning hairstylist for film and television, Veronica spent 25 years in an industry where, according to Vanessa A. Williams, she’s “put in her 10,000 hours of one-on-one counselling.” She is a Certified Emotional-Clearing Facilitator who is passionate about the pursuit of maximizing human potential, and loves having conversations that heal.

Veronica intends to expand the conversation on the rise of technology, the raising of our vibration and the importance of becoming your own medicine.